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Technical Services

Permanent Person Lifting


1.A. Monorail Track System

It is a façade cleaning system moving horizontally and vertically over Aluminum Mono Rail installed on the façade of the building. A monorail system is a perfect solution for buildings full of any design. And it is the best choice for Interior curtain wall surfaces.


• Easy to bend and form to fit most building profiles.
• Low maintenance cost.
• No brown Rust on the facade.
• The neutral aluminum color makes it almost Invisible when it is installed.
• Systems include several types of track profiles which give you a flexible range of alternatives
  for the design of traversing ladders and gantries.
• Horizontal movement can be performed both Manually and Automatically.
• Vertical movement is performed by means of Electrical Powered Engine with gear reducers located in the basket.
• The operator can control horizontal and vertical movements from the Control Panel inside the cradle.
• Monorail can be mounted to the Front side of the façade, Inside parapet or Under the eaves by monorail holders.


The monorail systems are basically a special aluminum track profile with trolleys running onto the track profile. The profile is installed with joint pins, end stops, and suitable bolt sets, and it is fixed to a suitable steel bracket. The bracket is fixed on the facade or roof.


Each trolley can carry loads up to 600 kg. Normal maximal distance between brackets is 2 m.

2.Davit and Socket System.

SEYANKO Davit systems are conventionally designed to provide an effective method to permanently access the exterior of a structural façade. A basic system comprised of fixed davit base and portable davit arms.

• It is most effective when a building design has multiple levels.
• Davits are an efficient, safe and practical permanent suspension
  system when utilized with the self-powered platform.
• It is most widely used on a multi-leveled structure
• Portable, one Davit can service numerous socket locations.
• Davit arm will swivel and can be removed from the base.
• Quick and easy to erect.
• Built to meet the highest health and safety standards.
• Proof loaded, tested and certified for man riding and materials.
• Variable reach positions.
• Anchor point suited to fall arrest applications.
• Confined Space applications.
• Industrial Access.
• Rescue Applications.

2.A BMU Roof Machine

SEYANKO designs and fabricates car roof for buildings where regular maintenance is required a powered BMU system offers an economic solution for window cleaning, maintenance, and light repair works. All vertical motions are operated from within the permanently attached cradle, horizontal and luffing motions are optional from the cradle or from jib head, depending on the type of vertical restraint applied to the cradle.